Smudge stick - fresh
  • Smudge stick - fresh


    1 x  Fresh Smudget Stick

    Handcrafted with love and intention by Innerstar Anna. A mixture of organically grown flowers, herbs and plants, each carrying their own magical properties and benefits which combined make a powerful smudge blend.


    Smudging was used as a powerful cleansing technique with origins as far back as 1500 BC. Evidence of ancient Egyptians using herbs burned in religious ceremonies were inscribed on tablets. Native American tribes are also known to use sage for healing, clearing space and ceremonies. Smudging has been used by many ancient cultures all around the world for thousands of years.


    Recent research has revealed than burning certain plant matter can actually clear harmful bacteria, so another great reason to smudging your home regularly. A house cleansing can be likened to spring cleaning your home or your workspace on an unseen, energetic level. Afterwards, the area generally feels much lighter and brighter and health and sleep patterns often show a marked improvement, pets often reap rewards as well.


    There are many reasons why your home or business place can be affected by a build-up of negative energy. Negative energies could be present before you moved in, from the previous living or deceased occupants, from existing family disharmony or even from an old item of furniture you have acquired.