With a deep affinity for nature and healing, I’ve been drawn to helping people for as long as I can remember which led me into the field of counselling for over 15 years. I’ve supported numerous people of all ages and beliefs to find their light in times of darkness and uncertainly.  Coming from the school of hard knocks myself, I feel this has given me a greater understanding of how to support people to build resilience, self-belief and move forward in life.


I studied Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy to further my ability to support people on their healing journey and have found that working with the sub-conscious mind can be very powerful. My book Sacred U - 100 days of Self Care was published in 2021.


Born in the UK and emigrating to Australia as a teen, I come from a long line of intuitive women; my grandmother was a Romany Gypsy some people call us white witches. As a Clairvoyant and Empath I feel and channel energy in a heightened way giving me insight to work with people holistically, healing the mind, body and soul. 


As a resident Psychic for Paranormal Project Gold Coast since 2017, I support many private investigations into the paranormal and offer families insight and closure in the realms of the spirit world. I’ve been a guest on various radio shows, featured in Magick Magazine and as a guest Psychic for Haunted Down Under TV. 


Living in the beautiful Gold Coast, Queensland Australia, in my free time I really enjoy spending time in nature, making herbal remedies and creating mixed media sculpture and artwork.



Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis & Applied Psychotherapy

Diploma Counselling 

Timeline Coach

Time to Lose Weight Practitioner

Diploma Mental Health

Diploma Diversional Therapy

REIKI 1, 2 & 3

Diploma Youth Work

Diploma Community Development

Certified Flower Reader

Crystal practitioner

Diamond Light practitioner


  • ​Board member Stand For The Silent-  Australia (Anti Bullying/ Suicide prevention org)

  • Inclusive Champion Award 2011- Spinal Injuries Association

  • Disability Action Week Award Queensland 2010 - Dylan access project


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