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Low confidence and self-esteem can stem from many things. Perhaps you had a lack of emotional support as a child that inhibited your ability to build confidence and sense of self. Or maybe you experienced trauma, were bullied at school or recently lost a job or relationship.

As we go through life, we all experience moments or periods when our confidence tales a knock and our self-esteem plummets. Sometimes we bounce back quickly, but sometimes it’s just not that easy.

What’s really important to remember is that rebuilding your confidence when you’ve had an experience that’s lowered your self-esteem requires positive and conscious action.

Hypnotherapy for confidence and/or self esteem helps by re-programme the patterns of unhelpful behaviours, thinking and beliefs that have become your barriers to finding self-worth.

Ready for positive change? Request a booking or free a 15 min consultation here.


         "I turned to Anna for some self-worth issues and I had Reiki and Hypnotherapy sessions which were both very beneficial. She has a calm manner that makes you feel that everything is okay even though it might not be at the moment. The hypnotherapy sessions had a big impact on me and also motivated me to find my own everyday practices that bring me a piece of mind. I definitely recommend her!"



Gold Coast

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