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Gold Coast


Clinical hypnotherapy is one of the fastest ways to change thoughts, behaviours and feelings, providing a key to opening the unconscious mind, the part of the mind where change takes place. Since hypnosis is a communicative process by which the conscious mind and the unconscious mind collectively agree.   In essence, you are giving yourself permission to effect change at a core level.  Some clients report Hypnotherapy as feeling like they are 'tapping' into their 'higher self'.

During a Hypnotherapy session, the client remains in complete control at all times and is able to make decisions of their free will at any given time during the process. For many it feels like a relaxed meditation state.

Hypnotherapy session - $140 allow up to 60 mins

A free 15 min phone consultation is available, if you would like to chat with me and see if I’m the right person to support you on your healing journey.​ Sessions are available in person from my home studio based at Worongary, Gold Coast or online.


If you are ready for change and committed to being the best possible version of you,  I’m here to help.


~Innerstar Anna


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