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Clinical hypnotherapy is one of the fastest ways to change thoughts, behaviours and feelings, providing a key to opening the unconscious mind, the part of the mind where change takes place. Since hypnosis is a communicative process by which the conscious mind and the unconscious mind collectively agree.   In essence, you are giving yourself permission to effect change at a core level.  Some clients report Hypnotherapy as feeling like they are 'tapping' into their 'higher self'.

During a Hypnotherapy session, the client remains in complete control at all times and is able to make decisions of their free will at any given time during the process. For many it feels like a relaxed meditation state.

People access Hypnotherapy for a variety of reasons, here’s just a short list!

  • Anxiety, depression

  • Trauma, Abuse, PTSD

  • Self esteem

  • Phobias

  • Addictions, bad habits

  • Relationships

  • Stop Smoking

  • Weight Loss

  • Past life regression

Hypnotherapy session - $120

A free 15 min phone consultation is available, if you would like to chat with me and see if I’m the right person to support you on your healing journey.​ Sessions are available in person from my home studio based at Worongary, Gold Coast or online.


If you are ready for change and committed to being the best possible version of you,  I’m here to help.


~Innerstar Anna


Would you like to make positive changes on how you feel, think and react today because of past negative experiences?  Come along on a journey with me to reset your Time line. Your ‘Time Line’ is how you unconsciously store your memories . The total sum of our life experiences and the memories associated with them impact on how we approach our lives NOW, day to day. It’s the stuff from the past that keeps us less than fulfilled and stops us from achieving the life we truly deserve.

Time Line coaching utilises a person’s own internal ‘Time Line’ to work with their unconscious minds in a variety of ways; including, healing emotional traumas and eradicating unwanted thoughts, emotions and behaviours to gain emotional control over your life. Behavioural change in an individual takes place at an unconscious level.


Timeline Therapy session - $120


Reiki and Crystal

Energy healings.

Diamond Light

energy work.

Chakra balancing.

Help restore balance and

promote healing on all levels

Biofield imaging and analysis


Removal of negative energy or spirit that affects health and wellbeing.

Home or business clearings  and blessing bring  beautiful positive energy to the space.


Counselling and

Personal Development

sessions from studio

at Worongary ,

Gold Coast.

All other areas via Zoom


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