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Gold Coast & Brisbane

Born in the UK and emigrating to Australia as a teen, I come from a long line of intuitive women; my grandmother was a Romany Gypsy. As a Clairvoyant and Reiki Mastter this allows me to connect on a deeper energetic level.

As Lead Psychic for Paranormal Project Gold Coast since 2017, I support many paranormal investigations. I’ve been a guest on various radio shows, featured in Magick Magazine and as a guest Psychic for Haunted Down Under TV.


I provide spiritual clearings for the removal of negative energy or spirits. House and business clearings and blessings bring beautiful positive energy into the space.


There are many reasons why your home or business place can be affected by a build up of negative energy. Negative energies could be present before you moved in from the previous living or deceased occupants, from existing family disharmony or even from an old item of furniture you have acquired.


Spiritual space clearings is not new, ancient cultures have cleansed homes for thousands of years. A house cleansing can be likened to spring cleaning your home or your work space on an unseen, energetic level.


Afterwards, the area generally feels much lighter and brighter and health and sleep patterns often show a marked improvement, pets often reap rewards as well.


Book an appointment with Anna today $199 (Gold Coast) additional fee for Brisbane clearings

30 min home visit


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