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large quartz crystal

Gold Coast

Born in the UK and emigrating to Australia as a teen, I come from a long line of intuitive women; my grandmother was a Romany Gypsy. As a Clairvoyant and Reiki Master this allows me to connect on a deep energetic level.


During a healing session I work energetically with you to remove blocks by clearing and balancing your Chakras through Reiki, crystals and Diamond Light healing a gentle hands-on healing alternative that helps restore balance to your energy flow and promotes healing on all levels.

Many of my clients prefer a combination of treatments, combining counselling with Reiki or Hypnotherapy with Reiki..


Biofield energy photography is also available and provides an insight into your auric field and energetic health, showing the subtle layers of electromagnetic activity around your body.


Reiki energy healing session 50 minutes - $120


Energy flows where intention goes. Check out my Biofield study 


~Innerstar Anna

Gold Coast
Female with medically diagnosed digestive health
and thyroid issues

Biofield photo session (6 photos) - $100

Biofield aura photo
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