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Watching your child go through anxiety, depression and other mental health issues can be heartbreaking. Know that you are not alone, according to Beyond Blue one in seven young people aged 4 to 17 years will experience a mental health condition in any given year. Half of all the mental health conditions we experience at some point in our lives will have started by age 14.

Signs and symptoms that may occur:

  • Recurring fears and worries about routine parts of daily life

  • Changes in behavior

  • Chronic physical complaints, such as fatigue, headaches, or stomach aches

  • Trouble sleeping, concentrating, drop in grades

  • Avoiding school, or social interactions or activities

  • Substance use or other risky behaviors


What’s causing the rise in teen anxiety?

There are a number of factors that could be contributing e;g; genetics, brain chemistry, life events, the pressure to succeed and the rise of Social Media.

How can Hypnotherapy help?

Parents with tweens or teens experiencing a wide range of issues can benefit from hypnosis based treatment, including:


Working with me

Having my own challenges as a teen led me to the field of counselling and Youth Work. I’m very passionate about youth mental health and wellbeing and supporting teens to navigate lifes challenges. At Innerstar, I provide holistic support to tweens/teens with a relaxed and friendly style with a blend of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Counselling.

Young people respond incredibly well to Hypnotherapy, but they must want to change the problem issue or behaviour. A complimentary phone chat is offered outside the sessions to help coach the parent in simple and effective ways to be able to most effectively support their teenager to make the change for the better.


If you would like to talk please reach out for a complimentary phone chat or request a booking here:


 "I highly recommend Anna. I contacted Anna regarding daughter who had been suffering from depression, Anxiety, bullying, low self-esteem, learning difficulties. My daughter had been through many therapies for several years from psychology, naturopath and kinesiologist and then we found our guardian angel Anna.


My daughter started with a combination of counselling and Reiki healing and then counselling with hypnotherapy for self development and confidence building. After just a few sessions with Anna my daughter‘s depression and anxiety decreased significantly and her self-esteem increased dramatically she   is more focused and able to concentrate better which has improved her learning difficulties. I can honestly say that I believe Anna has saved my daughter and me.

As a mother we always put our children first and forget about looking after ourselves but throughout our journey Anna never allow this for me and she is always making sure I am okay as well, Anna regularly checks in on both of us and is always available for my myself or my daughter via phone or zoom if needed.

Thank you Anna we appreciate you so much more than you know, if anyone finds themselves reading        my review and you or a loved one needs healing or guidance please don’t hesitate contact Anna                  she will change your life."


Tweed Heads

"From the first time day I met Anna I had a connection like I have never with any other counsellor.

She supported me so much and went out of her way to make sure I was Ok. Witnessing the work Anna

does and the people she has helps is inspirational, she has been such a great mentor to me, Anna

changed my life, I hope I can make her proud."


You made a difference

You taught me many things

You believed in me

You saved my life


K.E (Social Work Student)


"Anna has a wonderful way of relating to you and understanding your personal situation.
My overall general happiness and outlook on life in general has improved 10 fold.
Cannot thankyou enough."

A.K aged 16

Gold Coast

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