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Many of the world's greatest thinkers, inventors and entrepreneurs have had aspects of ADHD. For some people with attentional difficulties and those who struggle with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), everyday life can feel like an endless cycle of challenging tasks. You make it to your work meeting for which you are very prepared, only to realize that you left your notes at home. Your friends and family are frustrated with your forgetfulness or inconsistency, even though you feel like you’re doing everything you can to make things work.


You may have a very high IQ, the best job or education, or be the most creative person at work, and yet small tasks are left undone, items go missing, or things seem to constantly fall through the cracks. Clinical Hypnotherapy can calm the mind, improve focus and concentration, identify strengths and goals. In turn giving you the tools to move forward by harnessing the power of your subconscious mind.

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"I highly recommend Anna. I contacted Anna regarding daughter who had been suffering from

depression, Anxiety, bullying, low self-esteem, learning difficulties. My daughter had been through many therapies for several years from psychology, naturopath and kinesiologist and   then we found our guardian angel Anna.

My daughter started with a combination of counselling and Reiki healing and then counselling with hypnotherapy for self development and confidence building. After just a few sessions with Anna my daughter‘s depression and anxiety decreased significantly and her self-esteem increased dramatically she is more focused and able to concentrate better which has improved her learning difficulties. I can honestly say that I believe Anna has saved my daughter and me.

As a mother we always put our children first and forget about looking after ourselves but throughout our journey Anna never allow this for me and she is always making sure I am okay as well, Anna regularly checks in on both of us and is always available for my myself or my daughter via phone or zoom if needed.


Thank you Anna we appreciate you so much more than you know, if anyone finds themselves

reading my review and you or a loved one needs healing or guidance please don’t hesitate contact

Anna she will change your life.

Tanya S.

Tweed Heads NSW

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