crystal wands


Lets create some magick! Join me for regular spiritual art and craft workshops.

  • Wand making

  • Spirit Doll making

  • Bling a Broom

  • Witches Balls

  • Paint your spirit guide


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old building with bird in window


Join me and the crew from Paranormal Project on a ghost hunt adventure. Regular tours held at various locations around the Gold Coast area.


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website for current tour listings.

cat sitting on grave stone


Constructed in 1888, this tunnel is remnant of the original South Coast railway line which made its last journey in 1964. Urban legend is that the tunnel was used for satanic activity in the 80's, Some have also claimed of seeing what is called "The Ghost of Ernest".

As a resident psychic I invite you to join us for an intimate night of investigating this beautiful piece of Gold Coast history to see if we can uncover some ghosties of our own.

Ernest junction tunnel photo