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Updated: Jan 25, 2022

As a Reiki and crystal practitioner I love working with energy and supporting people to heal their emotional and physical selves. I’m always looking for opportunities to increase my knowledge and skills, I recently attended Diamond Light Activation training with the amazing Trance Medium Jennifer Starlight from the Invisible College.

Wow what an epic energetic journey! Jennifer’s energy is nothing like I’ve ever seen or experienced before, I felt really blessed to have the opportunity to expand my experience under Jennifer’s guidance. Jennifer said many Reiki practitioners had commented that the Diamond Light Activation training was like Reiki on Steroids and I totally agree. Its taken my Reiki energy healings and clearings to a much more powerful level. Diamond Light training is a form of channeled healing, Jennifer says:

The Diamond Light Spiritual Philosophy is that Within All Life is One Light and this One Light is the spiritual aspect of you that transcends time, space and all suffering. It is the Light before your human form and radiates from your Heart into your very cells and organs. It fuels all living things and has created the carbon blueprint for all life to exist on Earth..

During the activation training I felt a balance of my emotions with my physical body and connection with my soul like I’ve never experienced before. During a healing session conducted on myself by a fellow student the warmth and energy I felt was incredible and the connection between my emotions and physical health surprised me and have supported my own healing journey.

I feel very blessed to have learned this beautiful modality, I am now combining Diamond Light healings with Reiki and crystals for a super charged energetic healing session. For new clients I’m offering an introductory session for 45 mins for $40 for the month of October.

Bookings can be made at:

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